Breast Enlargement

Tracy Clarke

Mum of 1, fitness competitor wanting to feel confident on the stage.

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Breast Enlargement


April 2015

Why did you want the procedure?

I wanted the procedure as after breastfeeding my son for one year, my used to be perky 34c’s reduced to very empty 32b’s. Clothes never looked right on me, and I could never wear any kind of dress which meant I couldn’t wear a bra, as I just looked like a pre teen boy.

What was the trigger in your life to say right I am doing this now?

I put on quite a bit of weight whilst pregnant and had lost it post pregnancy, and I also breastfed my son for a year and my boobs looked like spaniels ears. I tried on strapless dress for a friend’s wedding and looked hideous, I couldn’t wear a bra with it and stick on bras were awful. I hated my husband seeing me naked so looked into breast augmentation. When I shopped my husband he was really supportive as he knew it was getting me down.

Were your friends/family/partner supportive?

My husband saw how unhappy I was with my breasts and how much confidence I lost so was extremely supportive. He came and stayed with me through every consultation, including in hospital on the day of my procedure.

My son was only around 2 years old when I had the procedure done, however my husband was very supportive and looked after us both. I couldn’t pick my son up for just over a week, so that was the hardest part.

What advise would you give someone looking to have a breast enlargement?

Just do it. There is never a right time, you will always find a reason to put things off. Any pain or discomfort you will have is temporary. But the way you feel about yourself is life changing.

Why did you choose Glow by MYA?

I previously had laser lipo on my double chin and jowells about 5 years previously, the results of which were fantastic, so I was familiar with MYA and the staff. All of my friends told me a BA was very different to my lipo and to get consultations from other companies, which I did, but at the end of the day it was a no brainer. MYA were amazing previously and by seeing different companies, it just reconfirmed my thoughts. Glow by MYA/MYA are the best in every which way.

How was your consultation?

My initial consultation was with the lovely Amanda in Birmingham. She was fantastic and very knowledgeable about the whole procedure, as she had gone through a BA herself on more than one occasion, so she knew what she was talking about!

My consultation with my surgeon was great. I liked him instantly and knew he was the man who I wanted to give me the boobs I’ve always dreamed of, he really is a boob god! He offered me 650cc hp round implants partially under the muscle to give me a large but natural breast.

How was the day of your procedure?

I was quite nervous as to me it is quite a major surgery, but when I spoke to the nurse whilst she was admitting me, she put my mind at rest. She showed me to my private cubicle and filled in the necessary forms, checked my oxygen levels and blood pressure. Gave me my sexy gown and paper knickers! It was a private cubicle, not a room.

My surgeon came in to draw on me and told me I was next, in about 40 minutes. At this point I was so excited!! The nurse came and wheeled me down to theatre on my bed. I remember being in a small white room speaking to the nurse and anaesthetist about the op and asking random questions. The nurse said I was having monster implants which made me chuckle lol.

I woke up in recovery (no idea what time) and was told everything went well and I was going to be wheeled back to my quarters lol. I was back in my room by 5pm when the nurse asked if I wanted some tea and toast. It was the best tea and toast I’d ever eaten lol!!

I was just lying there, looking at these plastic covered mountains on my chest, in absolutely no pain, such a strange feeling, just like a little man was sat on my chest! However I did feel like I had a few too many when I waddled to the loo as the anaesthetic made me feel quite drunk, but not at all sick. The nurses later brought me the most amazing tuna and sweetcorn sandwich – and I don’t even eat sweetcorn but I could have eaten a horse and his jockey at this stage. The nurse kept bringing me water and tea which was greatly appreciated! I was so emotional when my surgeon came to see me, he went for a handshake but I just grabbed him and gave him a big hug and cried from happiness! I can’t fault the nurses and staff at Glow by MYA, I was very well looked after!

I am so much more confident in myself, even my husband has noticed it.

How was your recovery?

Surprisingly for me, recovery was a breeze, which I wasn’t expecting since I had partially under the muscle. I had virtually no pain and was off painkillers by day 4. All I felt was a pressure and a slight feeling of being uncomfortable due to the stretching. I’d do it all again in a heartbeat!

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Are you happy with your results?

Absolutely. I am now 3 years post op and the confidence it has given me is ridiculous. I can now wear beautiful tops and go braless and the “girls” still look amazing!!

Would you recommend this procedure and Glow by MYA to others?

I would and have, all of my friends who ask me about my boobs and I’ve sent them straight to Glow by MYA.

What are you looking forward to the most now that you have had your procedure?

The breast augmentation in particular was a godsend as in September 2017 I took part in my first bikini bodybuilding competition, where I had to be quite lean with not much body fat, so having my MYA boobs on the day certainly gave me much more confidence, which reflected in my placing of 3rd Place at the age of 38! Onwards and upwards!

I am so much more confident in myself, even my husband has noticed it. I can literally go into a shop and buy any tight fitting (stretchy!) top without even trying it on as I know it will look awesome in my boobs. Backless dresses, no problem! Bikini? So awesome I competed in one! Self confidence, out of this world. I would do it again without hesitation and would say those that are contemplating it, go and have a consultation, you have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain!

Hear it from Tracy Herself!