Breast Enlargement

Susan Shah

Mum of 4, no amount of exercise could repair my breast after breast feeding four children. I can't wait to feel confident in a bikini again!

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Breast Enlargement


September 2017

Why did you want a breast enlargement?

After having and feeding my four children then loosing a lot of weight my chest had completely gone. I work very hard at the gym and I’m very proud of what I’ve achieved, but there was no amount of exercise that could have repaired my bust. I had went from a 34C to a very empty 30A. I was never happy when trying on clothes, I had to wear bras with extreme padding, and just overall I hated the way I looked. I just wanted to look normal again, I didn’t want to have a huge chest I just wanted my chest to look in proportion to my body.

What was the trigger in your life to say right I am doing this now?

I had thought about it for about 18 months, at first it was just now and again, but the more weight I lost, the harder I worked out, the more my chest disappeared the more I thought about. I started holiday shopping, around April, for bikinis etc but no matter how many shops I looked in I couldn’t find a single bikini that looked good on me at all, the truth was I had nothing but saggy skin to fill empty cups. After talking to my husband (who wasn’t 100% on board with the idea) he agreed to go to Glow by MYA with me just for a consultation, but after meeting my lovely patient coordinator, Gemma. I had made my decision, I just had to get my husband on board.

I went on my holiday and took my mum, she was fab and told me to do it, my mum is amazing she supported me from day 1 and even helped me to get the husband to agree. I phoned Glow by MYA from Spain and booked in with my surgeon and all was set in stone to take place on September 28th 2017.

Were your friends, family, partner supportive?

My husband was 100% against it. He hated anything “fake”, Botox, fillers anything at all but he also saw how much it was upsetting me after many conversations. I haven’t told a lot of people, I only told those closest to me. My best friend Lizzi was my rock she said from day 1 I should just do it. Life is too short, I have 4 sisters and a brother only one sister knows but I guess everyone will find out now!

I think I haven’t told many people because people usually presume that you are vain or your just doing it to look good for men, but that is so untrue. It was 100% confidence, I hated how I look and it was getting me down. I joked with my friend that if I set up a just giving page on Facebook I would have had donations from all over, it was that bad!

How did you cope with your children post procedure?

I won’t lie the first 3-4 days was very painful, I have 3 teens at home and a boy aged 9, I couldn’t really do anything so needed everyone to help. My kids and husband were great, by the end of the 1st week I felt a lot better and was doing a lot more I just needed to be careful and listen my body, if it felt sore I stopped.

If you are considering this I would say plan it for when kids are in school and also plan to have your partner or a family member at home to help. I was really organised I even pre-cooked meals and had them in the freezer.

Why did you choose Glow by MYA as your cosmetic surgery provider?

I only went to see Glow by MYA, I never at any point considered any others! I know other people that have had the procedure done by Glow by MYA and they have all ended up with great results. Glow by MYA also have great aftercare, up to 12 weeks where I found others only offer only up to a 6 week check, you are also given a number to call out of hours if you have any worries along with the number for a lovely nurse that you can call at anytime if you are concerned.

The Glow by MYA forum was also very useful, I still pop on now and again with updates etc and to see how the other girls that I got to know via the forum are getting on. The reviews I read, the patient coordinator I had and the first consultation with my surgeon was enough to show that I would be in great hands. Best decision I had ever made!

How was your consultation?

The first consultation was really just to have a chat about which implants they would be using, cost, Glow by MYA etc so I went armed with my list of everything I had thought about in case I forgot and came away with all my answers, I also came away knowing I was definitely going ahead….my mind was made up. Next I had an appointment with my surgeon whom Gemma the PC thought would be a great choice for me and she was 100% spot on. The first time I met him I liked him and knew he was the man for the job!

How would you describe your surgeon?

I love him, he truly is a boob God. From the first consultation I knew he was going to be my surgeon, he spoke to me very openly, told me exactly what was involved and made me feel totally at ease. I had no idea about sizes etc so I told him what I hoped to achieve and asked him to decide for me, I trusted him 100%, he got it spot on. My surgeon is really fantastic at what he does and I would not hesitate to recommend him to my friends or anyone thinking about a BA.

I have had the best possible outcome, my boobs look amazing, I’ve had a very easy recovery and I’ve also met some lovely people along the way. I have no regrets at all and couldn’t have asked for anything better.

How was the day of your procedure?

On the day I woke feeling pretty excited, after all I had thought about it long enough and was finally getting what I had been dreaming about BOOBS!. I had everything packed and had an admission time of 2.30pm At Preston First Trust Hospital. My husband had taken the day off to drop me there but had to leave straight away to get back and do the school runs, I was on my own, the plan was to phone him as soon as it was over and he would come and get me. Once i was settled in my room and left alone the nerves started to kick in, the staff were lovely and kept popping in to see that I was ok. My surgeon came to see me and drew me up for the op, he was his usual lovely self and made me feel calm. I didn’t go down for the op until around 6.30pm, even walking down to theatre i felt really calm, I wasn’t worried at all, I think because I was 100% it was what I wanted (needed), the fact that I was confident that my surgeon was more than capable of giving me the bust I had been dreaming about made me feel at ease. My husband came to pick me up by the time he arrived I was feeling a little sore and uncomfortable but completely fine, probably because I still had a lot of medication in my system. I had had drains put in and they needed to be removed but i can honestly say that was not sore at all. I was so happy with the results and how the day had went it and it was all thanks to my surgeon, the staff at glow by MYA, the nurses at First Trust and my lovely PC Gemma for sorting it all out for me and helping me every step of the way.

How was your recovery?

The first week was hard I won’t lie, my first day home I only got out of bed to use the bathroom and had to call my husband to help, I found it really sore to turn, get off or back onto the bed, even getting up of the loo was hard work. Day 2 was not as bad but still sore, I was taking my medication and I managed to get up and move about a little more but not much. Day 3 so much better, I decided to stop taking my painkillers during the day and only took them before bed to help me sleep more than anything, after that everyday felt a little better, I’m a pretty strong person, I don’t do rest or illness very well so was determined to get back to normal as quick as possible. On day 5 I managed to go for a 5 mile walk, not what the Dr had ordered but I took it really easy and it made me feel so much better, I hate not being active!

I had read on the forum about boobs changing every day after the op but I wasn’t quite prepared for how much. Every morning when I got up I didn’t know what to expect, as your chest repairs and the swelling goes down your boobs move in every direction as they slip down into place…(your chest is quite high initially after the op) some days they looked even, some days one was bigger than the other, some days one would point north while the other pointed south, I just didn’t know what to expect….thank God I had read about the changes on the MYA Forum or I would have been in a right panic, it was very reassuring.

By the time I got to my 6 week check I was feeling 100% better, I was back to doing most things I had been doing before. I had started going into the gym at 2 weeks post op but only walking before moving onto incline walking….gradually I started doing spin classes but keeping my arms by my sides and only doing legs, at my 6 week check I was told everything looked fab and I could do lite workouts…that was the best news ever! I went shopping after and got measured at a 30G I was thinking I was about a DD cup so this shocked me a little, but as I said before, they don’t look huge and they suit my frame, I’m 5ft 10, they look great and in proportion. I’m fifteen weeks post op, my chest hasn’t changed in size any and I’m back to working out like I did before in the gym…it really is amazing how fast the weeks have went by!

Are you happy with your results?

I have had the best possible outcome, my boobs look amazing, I’ve had a very easy recovery and iv also met some lovely people along the way. I have no regrets at all and couldn’t have asked for anything better.

Would you recommend this procedure and MYA to others?

Definitely…I would tell anyone that is thinking about it to stop thinking and go do it, life is too short to put things off, if its making you unhappy do something about it. I can’t thank GLOW by MYA enough, they have changed me so much for the better, I’m now much more confident and I now feel so much more feminine

What are you looking forward to the most now that you have had your procedure?

I’m now looking forward to my next holiday, I can’t wait to go bikini shopping and getting any bikini I like not just a bikini that has enough padding to give me a chest…I may be 47 but I’ve got the chest of a 21-year-old and I love it!

Hear it from Susan Herself!