Breast Upift Surgery

Lisa Chamers

My divorce settlement has helped spawn my new lease of life!

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Breast Upift Surgery


July 2017

Why did you want the procedure?

Having done many years of yo-yo dieting, I felt the time was perfect after losing just under 5 stone and had maintained my weight loss for 2 years. I had recently split from my husband after a long unhappy marriage and was ready to start a new life for myself.

Why do you think you didn’t have the procedure sooner?

I had not felt ready and at the time, especially as my ex-husband didn’t support me or understand why I wanted to have my procedures done.

Have your Friends and Family been supportive?

My mum, new partner and friends have all been great. They have been right behind me on my decision to have my two procedures done. My new partner has been with me right from the very beginning and has always encouraged and supported me in what ever choices I’ve made. My son is nearly 17 years old and has been also very supportive in my decision. He knows how hard I worked at losing the weight and changing my lifestyle for the better.

Why did you choose Glow by MYA as your cosmetic surgery provider?

After doing my research I found that Glow by MYA was the only company that didn’t pressure you into making a decision and allowed you a ‘cooling off period’ to help you to decide. For me also, the post-op and aftercare offered is far better.

My confidence is through the roof and now find life holds no obstacles, only challenges to overcome. I owe it all to the full Glow experience.

The Results

Lisa had an Augmented Mastopexy (breast enlargement and uplift) with 300cc implants in November 2016. Lisa then had Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) and Vaser Liposuction to one area in July 2017. Lisa’s tummy tuck scar in the photo is 6 months old and will continue to lighten and fade.

How were your initial consultations with Glow by MYA?

My Patient Coordinator Natalie Nightingale was brilliant. She helped me a lot and answered any questions that I was concerned with about my procedures. My surgeon was exceptional and was very clear about my operations and what the predicted outcome would be and towards my expectations. I found my surgeon to be a very thorough and professional man, who put me at ease from the get go.

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How was the day of your procedure?

Very nervous to start with….as expected, but that quickly changed with the wonderful care provided from the London Fitzroy Clinic staff.

How was your recovery?

The tummy tuck took a little longer in the healing process but on the whole, both recovery procedures have gone brilliantly. The aftercare from the Birmingham Clinical nurses have been brilliant and always been more than reassuring with each visit required.

Would you recommend this procedure and Glow to others?

I’m absolutely over the moon with them so most definitely! I have already been putting the word out to family and friends.

What are you looking forward to the most now that you have had your procedure?

Hitting the beach next summer with my new hot sexy body and my newfound confidence.

Lisa's Glow Story