Breast Enlargement

Efuru Rowe

Mum of 1, after losing about 25 pounds of post baby weight my breasts looked terrible. It's time to stop worrying about everyone else and focus on me.

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Breast Enlargement


May 2016

Why did you want a breast enlargement?

After having my daughter and breast feeding my breasts went from a lovely B cup to a D cup, but once I stopped breast feeding and lost about 25 pounds of post baby weight my breasts looked terrible. They not only shrunk in size they became saggy and created a large gap between each breast. I use to love wearing tank tops and they looked perky without a bra but after they were never the same. I hated how they looked and I often slept in my bra and hardly ever took it off including at bed time. I have always been a pear shape body type and felt unbalanced and though I thought about if for years never went forward as i though oh you will get over it, you don’t need fake boobs. But it was always there for almost 18 years I thought about it. Then at the beginning of this year I promised myself I would do things that made me and me alone happy. To stop worrying about everyone else and focus and spend my time, money on me.

Were your friends, family or partner supportive?

I am single and I was very reluctant to tell any of my family. I grew up in a Catholic home with very strict grandparents and this is not something they would have approved of in my mind as they may feel its a lot of money to waste on vanity. After booking the consultation the only person I told was my daughter who is 17. She was so supportive and excited for me. She did so much research and helped me prepare all my questions and we bounced off each other on the drive to the Chelmsford offices for my consultation. After I decided to go ahead I then told my sister and some close friends and I was really bowled over by how relaxed and supportive they were about it. My sister was really happy for me and said she has always wanted a breast reduction as she is a cup size K and booked to pick me up and look after me for the first few days out of surgery. Only one friend was not supportive and sent me a very rude email questioning my decision and told me I should cancel it and that I was a bad mother and setting a bad example for my daughter. Needless to say we are now no longer friends. Aside from that one former friend everyone has said its my choice and as long as I am happy they are happy. My daughter was very pleased with the process and was with me for all the meetings and fell in love with my nurse consultant Cassandra. She is doing biology and a levels and so found it very interesting to learn about the procedure sizes recovery etc.

At the beginning of this year I promised myself I would do things that made me and me alone happy. To stop worrying about everyone else and focus and spend my time and money on me.

Was your procedure done in time for a special occasion or reason?

Yes, I was in a rush as I wanted it done for a good friends wedding in Majorca and so turn around was tight but Cassandra and the team could not do enough to get everything done and in place with enough healing time for me to look fabulous at the wedding and on the beach, which I did if I do say so myself.

Why did you choose Glow by MYA?

I googled the procedure I wanted and several surgery’s came up. I read through websites and reviews and felt after discussions with a few surgery’s Glow by MYA was the right choice. There was a local surgery for all my consultations and pre op process, so that made things very easy and convenient as well as Cassandra, she filled me with such confidence. I expected just some admin person to talk to me but instead I met with a professional and qualified nurse who knew her stuff and on a personal level had a similar pear shape to me so I felt she could relate and really understood why I wanted to look at this as an option for me. The entire set up is just amazing welcoming and not pressurised.

How was your consultation?

It was great I had two as I wanted to check a few things and that was no problem for them. I was greeted, given refreshments and made to feel very comfortable. The ladies on reception are always smiling and very friendly and that puts you at ease in a situation where you are still deciding. Once I met Cassandra we went through my medical history and I ensured I told her everything. We then looked at before and after pictures for the procedure I wanted and talked about the surgeons.

How would you describe your surgeon?

He was very straight forward answered all my questions, knew exactly what would look good based on my shape and though initially I wanted round implants, he recommended tear drop and he was obviously right as they look amazing. I trusted my surgeon.

How did you fund your procedure?

I had some savings so was able to pay a lump sum upfront and then took out the option of 10 months interest free credit for the balance which meant in a short time I will be paid up and all sorted with very little hassle.

How was the day of your procedure?

It was scary, I went alone as I booked to stay over night which was the best decision so would recommend that also, even though its a little bit more money its worth it. I arrived and checked in and was taken up to my private room which was very lavish and over looked the park. It was hard not eating or drinking until the procedure so anyone planning this should prepare for that as I couldn’t snack or eat from 10pm the night before until my op took place. Though walking in I felt nervous, once I got my gown and slippers on I felt calm and ready and just enjoyed some TV until it was my time to be taken up. The team onsite were also exceptional. Every hour they would pop in check on me, check my draining, my temperature, top up water and ice pack and try to feed me though I had no appetite and when I did at 5 am it was no trouble to get me food.

How was your recovery?

The recovery was good, I did not have too much ongoing pain but found sleeping on my back for 6 weeks the only struggle as I normally sleep on my side. Throughout my recovery I had 3 consultations to check my stitches, bandaged and to make sure everything was healing as it should as there were times I would panic about how the bruises looked and having someone reassure me helped massively. Emily dealt with all my post op work and has been very supportive about where to get the best post op bras and how to help my healing process.

Are you happy with your results?

I am over the moon about my results. I have so much confidence, I feel sexy and finally feel like my body looks right and in proportion as it should have been. I sing the praises of the surgery constantly and have had 3 people book consultations already and one friend book her procedure. When you are happy its contagious and I am truly happy with my breasts. The size, shape and feel is just my idea of perfection.

Would you recommend Glow by MYA and this procedure to others?

Yes, I would and I do daily!