Introducing Glow by MYA

Over the past 11 years, the clinical excellence and distinct personality of MYA have helped many women through their cosmetic surgery journey, making it one of the most respected and loved industry providers in the UK. We wanted to celebrate our success and grow our community by launching a new brand that empowers and supports women of all ages in their cosmetic surgery choices. The sister brand that we have created builds on MYA’s heritage, expertise, and integrity while revealing a different layer of our personality. We’re proud to welcome you to Glow by MYA.

Your experiences and situation in life shape your priorities and the choices you make. But the core values we hold close can span many different communities. Empowering women to feel confident and beautiful, upholding standards of professionalism and integrity – these are the things that connect us.

Glow by MYA wants to hear about your experiences, your priorities and your individuality as a strong woman, so we can provide you with the best choices, expertise, and care for your cosmetic surgery journey.

  • Glow by MYA Aftercare

    Our comprehensive aftercare provides support and peace of mind after surgery. From 24 hour nursing care, to regular post-surgery appointments you’ll be monitored by our team for up to 3 years.

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  • Glow by MYA's Surgeons

    Having refined their skills around the globe, our specialist surgeons are amongst the most talented in cosmetic surgery. Working exclusively in their chosen area, the hours they’ve dedicated to surgery achieves a level of expertise that’s extremely rare.

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  • Mentor Implants

    Safety is our priority and to provide outstanding quality implants we work with global industry leader, Mentor. Mentor has over 40 years’ experience and 98% patient satisfaction making them a world renowned choice.

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  • Cosmetic Surgery on Finance

    At Glow by MYA we offer variety of flexible finance packages to suit a range of pockets. This is because we believe cost shouldn’t be the factor to compromise your experience or your results.

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40 Years Experience

Glow by MYA has been developed using over 40 years of cosmetic surgery expertise. Working with some of the world’s top surgeons our vision is simple. To become the most transparent and medically respected cosmetic surgery in the country. Our Chairman and founder is an industry pioneer, and having previously owned the largest cosmetic surgery company in Europe, his experience and knowledge are second to none. It’s this exceptional level of industry insight that helped create MYA in 2007 and now, its sister company, Glow by MYA.

“By meeting the industry regulations, adopting best practices and introducing emerging technology, we believe Glow by MYA can lead the way in cosmetic surgery”.

– John Ryan. Chairman, MYA